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  • Jaffa Road, L.Y.G.

    Based in Toronto, Jaffa Road is an award-winning, world music group made up of some of Canada’s most exciting and innovative interpreters of inter-cultural music. The group has created a unique sonic landscape that draws easily and organically from the worlds of sacred and secular Jewish songs, Classical Arabic and Indian music, modern jazz, rock, pop, [...]

  • Nick Edelstein, Foolin’ Yourself

    Nick Edelstein is a multi-instrumentalist whose lyrics portray real, down-to-earth characters struggling to find themselves in a complex world. Foolin’ Yourself comes from his second album, Year of the Ox, which speaks about The Great Recession and the Chinese zodiac, Earth Ox. Learn more about Nick.

  • Sunmoon Pie, Soul Beneath

    A duo of singer-songwriters (Bonnie Puckett on piano and Michael Levine on guitar), Sunmoon Pie is an Atlanta-based Jewish music group that performs a blend of spiritual yet often quirky songs exploring the human condition through the lens of Jewish and Kabbalistic themes.  Soul Beneath is their first music video, which can be found here. [...]

  • Lily of the Suburbs, the Flood Song

    Lily of the Suburbs is folk rock, singer-songwriter Jessica Lily Horowitz.  Her songs are powerful and hypnotic, balancing passionate emotion with a delicate Southern drawl. Learn more about Lily.

  • Ariel Root Wolpe, Waters of Zion

    A 22 year old student of religion and music at Emory University, Ariel Root Wolpe has a gift for poetic lyricism and beautiful execution.  She is joined by Will Robertson in the live recording of “Waters of Zion” taken at AJMF’s 2011 Spring Festival (Eddie’s Attic, 5/19/11). Learn more about Ariel

  • Socalled, You Are Never Alone

    Following a successful feature length film release, Socalled visited Atlanta in early 2011 for a week long residency with AJMF in collaboration with AJFF (Atlanta Jewish Film Festival).  Socalled’s most popular album to date, Ghettoblaster, contains several popular hits including “You Are Never Alone,” which inspired the mind bending video found here.

  • Moshav, Cold Cry

    Moshav combines the jamming of Phish, the vocal strength of Pearl Jam and the spiritual lyrics of U2 seasoned with a Middle Eastern influence.  Raised on the Moshav Meor Modi’im, a musical village in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the three young men who make up Moshav [Yehuda (vocals, percussion), Duvid (vocals, guitar), [...]

  • DeLeon, La Serena

    Drawing their material from 15th century Sephardi Jewish culture, DeLeon [Dan Saks (vocals, guitar, banjo), Kevin Snider (bass, vocals), Justin Riddle (drums), Amy Crawford (keyboards, vocals), and Andrew Oom (trumpet)] is an indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York.  DeLeon was formed in 2007 and released their debut self-titled album in 2008 on the Jewish [...]

  • 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, Dolgo Horo

    Part Jazz, part Klezmer, part Afro-beat, Atlanta’s 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra is a unique voice in contemporary Jewish music.  Their most recent album, East Atlanta Passover Stomp, contains several feet tapping jams including this one, Dolgo Horo.  Learn more about 4th Ward AKO by visiting their website here.

  • Axum, Ma Im Hakesef

    Axum is an in-your-face, one-of-a-kind duo that has broadened Israel’s definition of Hip-Hop, Reggae & Dancehall with their unique Middle Eastern and Ethiopian sounds.  Composed of Judah (Gilor Yehuda) and Tedross (Reuben Aragai), Axum’s self-titled debut album, produced by Sabbo & Rob of Soulico, was well received around Israel and the world.  This lead single, [...]